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THA Endorsed

THA Endorsed Company

Earning the right to use the THA-endorsed company logo is no easy achievement. THA-endorsed companies undergo an extensive and lengthy due diligence process that encompasses at least three levels of review:

  • HealthSHARE staff are the first level of evaluation for every prospective endorsed company. The experienced HealthSHARE team conducts financial and operational due diligence, gathers references, and evaluates every aspect of the business operations.
  • Once potential companies have been fully vetted by staff, the staff may choose to recommend to the HealthSHARE board one as the best-in-class potential partner. The 13-member HealthSHARE Board of Directors comprises hospital chief executives, and
  • THA/HealthSHARE senior managers. Every facet of the business — from the quality of the product/services to the track record for excellent customer service, customer feedback, marketing plan and financials — is scrutinized.
  • The HealthSHARE staff and board recommend the potential partner to the THA Board of Trustees, which subsequently conducts its own due diligence and ultimately chooses whether or not to award the company the THA-endorsed company status.
  • Even after a company receives THA endorsement, it undergoes ongoing evaluation to ensure the company continues to meet or exceed HealthSHARE's rigorous standards of quality and service.

For more information please visit THA HealthSHARE.