Standard Reports are a Thing of the Past

Ideally, your vendors provide you and your team with reports that are an integral tool to measure key performance indicators, assist with monitoring current processes and guide your monthly budgets and projections.

Follow up is Key to Effective Medicaid Reimbursements

For best results and timely reimbursements, follow-up needs to be rigorous and consistent. RCA has heard from multiple clients that their eligibility vendors failed to stay on top of accounts and the

Key Relationships

RCA is dedicated to building strong and lasting relationships with our partners. This has remained a focus for us since our inception 28 years ago. We have discovered that there are 4


During this time of year, we realize that you may be inundated with tricks, but RCA only offers treats! We strive to not only provide the best service for our partners, but

RCA Knowledge and Training

EXPERTS IN THE FIELD WITH EFFECTIVE AND FOCUSED TRAINING The eligibility process is complex, difficult and ever-changing, which is why outsourcing this service has proven to be the most profitable decision for