Every provider across the country knows the time consuming pain that is dealing with Workers’ Compensation claims. Here are the top 3 issues we hear providers say they are having with Workers’ Compensation claims:

Low volume of accounts requiring large knowledge base. Workers’ Comp only accounts for roughly 5% of a provider’s accounts receivable, but since every state has their own set of guidelines, this requires highly trained personnel to handle the claims.

Too much paperwork. Workers’ Comp claims processing is still largely a paper-based process. The provider’s personnel must print out the claim documents and assemble the claim by hand and then package it for mailing. This process consumes a great deal of time.

Follow up is crucial. Without constant follow up to the Workers’ Compensation agencies to ensure they have received the provider’s claims, and that the claims are processed and paid correctly, the provider could lose out big time. This part of the process is another cumbersome step.

These are just a few of the reasons more and more providers are looking for outside help in dealing with their Workers’ Compensation claims.


Neil Boudreaux
Eligibility Expert and Director of Operations