The eligibility process is complex, difficult and ever-changing, which is why outsourcing this service has proven to be the most profitable decision for hospital systems large and small.  Becoming an expert in the eligibility industry requires focused and systematic attention, defined as deliberate practice. To maintain key relationships, break constraints, shorten A/R and increase patient compliance, the process requires exclusive attention, which conglomerate companies and in-house teams struggle to provide.

When evaluating an eligibility vendor’s industry knowledge, the first place to start is their training program.  Hospitals should look for more rigorous and unique elements such as:

  • Hospital system experience
  • Proficiency in all local, state and federal programs
  • Connections with local agencies
  • Ongoing training
  • Relationship building with patients and staff

The American Society for Training and Development found that companies who invest more in their training programs have a 24% higher profit margin.  With online modules and instant messaging support available to all employees, RCA is committed to continuously investing in our training and compliance programs. RCA Patient Support Representatives undergo an intense, proven, technical training period that covers all local and federal reimbursement programs. This extensive training program consists of both classroom training and on-the-job training.

Put to the test daily for over 28 years, RCA’s team of eligibility experts are so knowledgeable on state, local and federal programs that they can make instant eligibility determinations for any type of third party assistance programs. Daily auditing and performance benchmarks are a great measure of the impact of our training program and supply data to guide us in our continuous pursuit of on-going development.

One current client partner had this to say. 

 “When we went through an EPIC conversion, RCA became an EPIC approved vendor, trained their staff to include super users and was prepared on Day 1 of the EPIC go-live.  RCA is considered an extension of our PFS Office; their employees are extremely knowledgeable across all program types and management is very hands-on to ensure there are never any issues.”