Our success at RCA is due to a number of different practices, but the foundation of our success is derived from our adherence to our values. At RCA we commit to do what we say with honesty, integrity, and compassion. Moreover, we operate with the most knowledgeable, competent, and adaptable people and processes.


At RCA we believe that our words should reflect our deeds. When we make a promise to our partners we honor that promise. When we set goals with a partner, we ensure that those goals are reachable and measurable. We do not make promises that we cannot keep. We understand that honesty is vital to any partnership and so we say what we mean and we mean what we say.


We operate with integrity in all that we do. RCA understands that integrity can be seen through what you do and how you behave when no one is looking. Our employees are carefully selected to exemplify integrity in every aspect of their work. Although they would never require constant supervision to perform at the highest level, our management team reviews all case work on a daily basis to ensure that we are honoring our commitment to our partners. Our principles are a guiding force in all that we do.


RCA understands that empathy is the foundation to ensuring success with your patients, which is why all of our employees are trained in the Communicating Caring process. Your patient experience is of the utmost importance and we understand that completely. We also understand that each patient may be dealing with their own set of circumstances or financial difficulties when they are admitted to your facility, which is why we believe it is so important to listen and understand in order to truly empathize with their unique situation.


We take our role as your partner seriously and understand that in order to meet your standards we have to set the highest standards for our employees. We can assure you that we have the most knowledgeable staff because we take the appropriate steps to train properly. RCA requires that every employee complete extensive training on eligibility processes during the hiring process. Our employees are also led by the best management team in the business with an average tenure of 20 years.


RCA requires all employees to complete a series of competency tests in order to qualify for employment with the company. We ensure that we hire the best so that they can be the best for our partners. Moreover, we maintain relationships with local and national offices in order to stay abreast of any changes in policy. Our training program does not end with the hiring process as all employees are led and mentored while on the job as well. We know that change is inevitable in this business and so our continued growth must be as well to remain overly competent.


In an ever-changing business you have to be flexible in order to achieve success. RCA has continued to adapt our processing, reporting, and technological innovation to better serve our customers. Our name and ownership has remained the same for over 27 years, but our desire to be the best eligibility partner in the business prompts our pursuit of excellence in all that we do. This is evidenced by our constant innovation with apps and online forms of communication, but also through our customized reporting, which is customized for each partner’s needs.

At RCA we are driven by our values to achieve our mission of providing reimbursement solutions for at-risk dollars while providing healthcare partners with measurable, timely, and superior results. This all helps us to achieve our vision of being the go-to resource for at risk dollars.