Patients naturally assume everyone they come in contact with at a facility is a hospital employee.  Onsite vendors are often seen as an extension of the facility and should represent the hospital’s values beginning with their first impression.  This is why a trusted partner should work hard to integrate themselves into your facility.

Once performance and competencies are vetted, a facility should also consider how a vendor’s presence could affect the organization.  Do not let time or financial constraints impede a very important component in choosing the right vendor.

Consider these questions in evaluating your vendor’s overall professionalism:

Does your vendor staff…

  • Dress in professional attire, which meets the acceptable code of the hospital?
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the facility’s values and corporate culture?
  • Represent the organization with appropriate business etiquette?
  • Exhibit compassion and courtesy while meeting with your patients?
  • Practice punctuality and professionalism in their role as your vendor?

RCA is known for its superior eligibility services and high conversion rates, but we also receive a number of compliments about our staff’s professionalism.  Our employees are trained to establish themselves as a resource to our client hospitals. We have been so successful in the process that RCA team members have been awarded multiple times with hospital accolades.

 “I just wanted to let you know that Carlos won the “Extra Mile Award” for the month of August for [our facility], which is the first time a contract employee has earned the award.  The way it works, our leadership team takes nominations, then the management team votes.  I was told by HR that Carlos had about 90% of the votes.  It is definitely the highest employee award given at the hospital.  He continues to do a great job to ensure that RCA is well represented.”

-Director of Patient Access

During the onboarding process, RCA recruits the most talented candidates for employment using our own top performing staff as the baseline for results in both skill and aptitude.   As we continue to elevate the bar for a higher caliber organization, our clients can remain assured that the top performing and respectable workforce is in front of their patients.