Follow up is Key to Effective Medicaid Reimbursements

For best results and timely reimbursements, follow-up needs to be rigorous and consistent. RCA has heard from multiple clients that their eligibility vendors failed to stay on top of accounts and the money eventually ran away from them. Noncompliance and difficult patients are pain points that are made easier through constant contact and account monitoring.

From the minute your uninsured patient leaves the hospital, the clock begins ticking and that revenue becomes harder to recover. In many cases, patients are hard to reach by phone, do not respond to mail correspondence and even the most thoroughly trained staff will struggle with gathering the much needed documentation for maximum reimbursement.

We’ve found that weekly communication to the case worker, agencies and the patient is critical to shortening the amount of A/R days to payment. In search of discharged patients, sometimes this consists of measures including home, jail and shelter visits, transportation to and from appointments, translations services and skip traces.

Bethany Bailey
Regional Vice President

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