We realize that outsourcing is a decision that is not taken lightly by revenue cycle managers and that a myriad of factors go into that decision. As a result, we understand how important it is to ensure that a partner has your best interest in mind. Our mission is to provide reimbursement solutions for at-risk dollars while providing healthcare partners with measurable, timely and superior results. Outsourcing with RCA provides you with a partner who seeks to align with your values and provide the best service to your facility and patient population, all while increasing your bottom line.

A question that we often get about outsourcing is whether it will require termination of current employees. RCA’s goal is to recover dollars that are missed, however, we also understand that your employees are tasked with a number of responsibilities. These responsibilities can take the focus off money you are entitled to receive. Furthermore, outsourcing to RCA allows you to eliminate the fixed cost per full-time employee and adjust to a fee based on performance. In order for RCA to receive payment, we must find lost revenue. Partnering with RCA does not require you to eliminate employees, but it does provide the opportunity to capture lost dollars and increase your revenue. We provide a number of service lines to accomplish this task and you can read more about those at:

Another concern that we get from revenue cycle directors is whether our growth will impact the level of service that a partner receives. We understand that this is a valid concern, especially if you are approached by a partner who has regularly changed their ownership, name, or management. However, RCA was founded in 1994, we have maintained the same ownership, name, and have an average management tenure of 20 years. Over the course of the last 27 years our growth and experience has benefitted our partners because we continue to improve our processes, technological advancements, and security to increase effectiveness. RCA will continue to innovate and improve but never at the expense of unparalleled service to our partners.

Outsourcing with RCA provides a partnership that is based on aligning values to achieve mutually beneficial results. We strive to alleviate stress on your current employees and management by offering service lines that allow them to focus on their daily responsibilities while we focus on recovering lost revenue. Our experience and service is unmatched in the industry and we welcome the opportunity to provide the proof.