RCA understands that our partnerships with hospital facilities and systems extends to their patient population. Patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, because we understand that your patient’s impression of your vendor partners forms their opinion of you. As a result, we train every RCA employee in our Communicating Caring process in order to ensure that they are properly caring for your patients. 

Our communicating caring process includes:

The Practice of Presence:

We train our employees to focus their complete attention on the patient, family member, or staff member that they are speaking with. They are encouraged to remove any distractions from their mind and hold eye contact the entire time. Furthermore, all of our employees are trained to employ active listening techniques in all of their conversations. It is imperative that we listen to your patients and staff without interrupting or interjecting to process the information we receive and offer the best possible service. 

Acknowledging Feelings:

RCA employees work diligently to not only hear what your patients are saying, but to then reflect back what they believe they are hearing or seeing from your patient. This shows your patient’s that our employees are empathetic to what they are experiencing and makes your patient feel heard and seen.

Showing Caring Nonverbally:

RCA understands that body language speaks just as loudly as verbal communication. Accordingly, we ensure that our employees are mindful of their posture, tone, face, and pace in dealing with your patients. 

Explaining Positive Intent:

We intend to show every single patient that everything we do is for them. Our goal is to ease the worries of patients and benefit them through our processes and systems. 

Blameless Apology:

There may be many obstacles for patients to overcome in the course of financial processing or their hospital care. Although we may not be responsible for the issues that they have experienced, we should express regret for any suffering or struggles that may have arisen. 

The Gift of Positive Regard:

In a process that can be cumbersome, your patients may not always expect a pat on the back or compliment for how they are dealing with everything. We do our absolute best to acknowledge their patience and ability to stay calm, and thank them for working with us through the process. 

The Caring Broken Record:

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat yourself to emphasize what you are saying or to ensure that what your patient hears what you are trying to convey. Moreover, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to ensure patient satisfaction and in order to accomplish that we may have to repeatedly follow-up with the patient. 

RCA has built a reputation for taking excellent care of our partner’s patients. We are regularly awarded for our customer service from our partners. Our Communicating Caring process ensures that our employees put your patient’s satisfaction first in all they do to assist them. We know that your vendor is a reflection of you, which is why we work diligently to make you proud to be our partner.