RCA Brings Joy

At RCA we understand that the holidays can be a stressful time for your facility, especially within the current climate. However, we also know that our presence in your facility can be an incredible present because we seek to reduce your workload and stress level in all that we do. Our implementation, training, and business practices are all structured to improve your already stellar processes and increase productivity and your bottom line.

Our implementation process is unmatched in efficiency. Not only can we be up and running within weeks of a signed contract, we provide seamless IT integration and constant communication with management to ensure quality. This is due in large part to the fact that our IT department is in-house and prepared to handle any issue that may arise. Further, because our IT department is in-house, we are not only able to expedite implementation, but we are capable of preparing customized reports for management. We would never expect you to simply take our word for it, we have the references to prove our efficiency…

“RCA recruited, hired and trained 40+
employees and were up and operational in
60 days from the signing of our agreement.
We could not be happier with our
selection of RCA.”

Senior VP, Financial Operations

Our training process also sets us apart from other vendors and allows us to improve processes within your facility while working with your current employees and management team. Our staff are thoroughly trained in all assistance programs, which allows for the most advanced and up to date knowledge of eligibility criteria and application processing. Onsite staff will be placed at all client’s requested locations and will begin efforts to initiate contact with patients immediately upon referral, with most having a completed screening within 24-hours. RCA understands that the best results and timely reimbursements come from thorough and rigorous follow-up procedures, unmatched by other vendors. Accounts are touched daily while in-house and every seven (7) days or less after discharge. During this process, patient support staff will be communicating with applicable parties including the patient, agency and/or clinical staff.

At RCA we pride ourselves on being the best eligibility partner for our clients. As your partner, we provide you with a tailored strategy that suits the needs of your facility. We will effectively minimize variables that could extend application processing time and closely manage inventory through quality assurance programs using benchmarks and cycle time conversion metrics. Further, our management team (with an average tenure of 21 years) will communicate regularly with your management team to ensure that goals are met and that your expectations are exceeded. We provide value-added services in order to offer complete packages to our partners, which protect your patients and bottom line. You can read more about the services that we offer at:


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