During this time of year, we realize that you may be inundated with tricks, but RCA only offers treats! We strive to not only provide the best service for our partners, but also continue to increase revenue, while decreasing the workload for your current employees. So you may be asking what do we have to offer? We can offer:


Neither ownership nor our name has changed since 1994. We have also never changed our consistency in our drive to innovate and be the best eligibility company in the business. As a result, our net conversion rate remains over 93%, with client hospitals in 23 states, and management of over 50 billion dollars in hospital AR.


Our team ensures that while in-house, accounts are worked daily and every seven days or less after discharge. RCA’s patient support staff communicates with all applicable parties during this process including the patient, agency, and/or clinical staff. Further, RCA conducts regular meetings with management to keep your facility abreast of all updates. Constant communication enables us to ensure that all accounts are properly worked and brought to resolution in the shortest amount of time.


RCA realizes that all facilities needs are not identical and so we offer customized reporting for all of our partners. This includes customized liability reports that provide useful data tailor made to the needs of our respective partners. RCA is committed to enhancing our technological intelligence to alleviate work for our partners and their patients. In adhering to that commitment we have developed a HIPAA compliant mobile application that allows patients to quickly and securely submit needed documentation. We have also added a quick screen link on our website so that our partner’s patients can enter information pertaining to to their potential eligibility for staff to review. Further, we continue to improve safety features in our IT department, which is led by our director who has over 24 years of experience with RCA.

Bottom Line

We would love to have a conversation with you about all of the things that we could add to treat your bottom line, but for now we can just give you the proof. In 27 years, we have certified 4 billion accounts for over $29 billion in charges. We are the go-to resource for your at-risk dollars! Will you let us prove it?