RCA and IT Security

RCA has the latest gateway security features and patches, as well as enforced Geolocation blocking policies 

Why is this important to you? 

RCA gives you more protection and the ability to block any IP address that appears unsafe.  We currently block anything that is not coming from North America and make exceptions by single IP addresses for sites that are hosted outside of North America. 

RCA provides multi factor authentication for all users

Why is this important to you? 

RCA provides increased security by requiring an employee to enter in a separate security code sent via text message or email to their mobile device in order to access the network. 

RCA provides an internal network secured behind a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

Why is this important to you? 

RCA’s Demilitarized Zone provides additional security by placing a buffer between our inside and outside network and further protects data for you. 

RCA provides Endpoint Security Software within the DMZ and network

Why is this important to you? 

RCA’s antivirus software actively scans for attempted intrusions and malware to further protect you from viruses.

RCA provides encrypted electronic Protected Health Information (PHI)

Why is this important to you? 

RCA ensures that all Protected Health Information is protected on the hard disks and when files are sent or received so that your PHI remains secure at all stages. 

RCA provides an encrypted email system

Why is this important to you? 

RCA’s system sends the recipient a notification that they have an encrypted email message. The recipient is then required to click on a link in this notification to create a secure account and a “key” to unlock any future messages. Further, all encrypted messages never leave our network and reside on our email encryption server. 

RCA provides internal Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Why is this important to you? 

RCA’s internal DLP prevents information like Social Security numbers, medical records, and account numbers from leaving the system.

RCA provides encryption of all passwords

Why is this important to you? 

RCA guarantees that passwords are never stored as text in our database, which means that they remain secure from any cyber threat.

RCA provides regular performance of intrusion and penetration tests

Why is this important to you? 

RCA’s regular tests ensure safety from hackers, which provides a proactive means to identify any cyber threat and defend against them before they can be deployed. 

RCA stores our databases in a state of the art datacenter with triple power redundancy, a 185-mph wind rating, and 8 layers of security including (biometric, passcode, badge, bulletproof mantraps, and cabinet locks). 

Why is this important to you? 

RCA’s database storage measures ensure that our service for you will remain completely secure and uninterrupted, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Our IT Director has been with RCA for 25 years and continues to manage and improve all of our processes to better serve our partners.  


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