RCA and SSI Focus

Resource Corporation of America understands that a valued partner should have extensive knowledge with processing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases. We take these claims seriously and work tirelessly to ensure that your patients are not only guided through the entire process, but have someone who will keep them informed of their status, assist with the completion of necessary paperwork, file timely appeals, and properly update their claim with medical records and documentation requested from the Social Security Administration. We also maintain constant communication with our partner facilities throughout this process so that case management has the most up to date information about case status and eventual determinations.    

Close Relationship with case management

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During the course of an SSI/SSDI case, it can be difficult for case management to get updates on pending cases. Our patient support representatives are trained to take a proactive approach in gathering updates and are held to a standard of obtaining those updates every seven days or less. We also align our database with your facility’s database in order to have a seamless transfer of information. This allows us to provide instant updates to your system as we update our own. We work these cases proactively so that your case management team is provided with updates before they ever have to ask for them.

Timely Appeals

Being proactive with our updates also means that we are diligent with filing timely appeals should a claim be denied by the Social Security Administration. Failure to provide a timely appeal can result in the denial of a claim for your patient. As a result, our representatives stay focused on appealing the Social Security claim weeks prior to the deadline, which is typically sixty days from the date of denial. When we are notified of a denial for an SSI or SSDI claim we immediately begin work to file the appeal and obtain any new medical documentation that may be of assistance to the patient’s claim.  

Accredited Disability Representation

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All of our disability representatives are accredited by the Social Security Administration to provide disability representation to our claimants. This means that each of our representatives have passed an exam certifying that they are proficient in the representation of disability claims. As a result of their accreditation they are permitted to represent a patient through the hearing process and file an appeal with the Appeals Council in the event of an unfavorable hearing decision. Further, because our representatives are non-attorney representatives, they will never charge for medical records or for phone calls to provide updates to case management or to the claimants themselves. 

Follow-up Through Entire Case Regardless of Representation

We provide follow up throughout the life of a Social Security case, regardless of whether a patient chooses to use our accredited representatives or another form of representation. We understand that in some cases a patient may seek out an attorney to handle their claim, but our rigorous follow-up processes remain the same in that situation as well. Our responsibility is to the patient and to the hospital to exhaust every option in order to have any and all outstanding medical bills paid. In order to accomplish this, we must continue to not only update the claim but stay in contact with the patient’s chosen representative. This allows our office to keep our system updated and provide those updates to case management.  

Agency Connections and Relationships

Our patient support representatives go above and beyond for our patients. Not only do they provide constant updates, but they also go out of their way to complete forms and assist in all aspects of the Social Security case.  This often means that they develop strong relationships with the patients themselves and the claims representatives in the local field offices and the office of Disability Determination Services (DDS). Our patient support representatives will also meet with local offices for continued education and to stay updated on any changes that are issued by the Social Security Administration. A strong relationship with a claims representative at the field office means that we are not waiting in a line of automated options, but are able to speak directly to the local field office representative and the DDS examiner when we call for updates. Our close relationships allow our team to avoid costly delays in processing claims, but also ensure that our patients are aware that they are working with someone who genuinely cares about their claim and well-being.   

Our goal is to provide the best service to patients and to the hospital providers that we partner with.  We are able to do this because we genuinely care about each and every one of these claims and treat them as if they were our own family members.  When choosing a vendor to partner with, it is imperative that they not only protect your bottom line, but also the livelihood of those individuals seeking approval for their disability claims.  With RCA, your patients are never just a number.


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