RCA’s Onsite Implementation

How successful was your new vendor implementation?

One thing RCA consistently hears from our new clients is how easy our implementation process was.

RCA’s scalability and wealth of knowledge in the industry translates nationwide and our ability to exceed performance expectations, even in breakthrough states, is unprecedented in the industry. In a recent implementation, we successfully integrated our services into a 14 hospital system spanning three states, two of which were breakthrough states, in less than 60 days. All 14 hospitals saw improvement in their conversion rates within weeks of RCA’s integration and during the first year, we increased system-wide reimbursements by more than $8 million above the set annual goal.

Here are the keys to our implementation success

• On-time start-up and fully staffed
• Seamless IT integration
• Visibility of management
• Consistent communication
• Flexible and adaptable to facility needs

“RCA was recommended to us. Their implementation was successful, and we were up and running with their program in less than four weeks.”

– Assistant Vice President of Revenue Cycle

RCA implementation requires very little effort on the hospital’s end. Prior to kick-off, RCA will coordinate a meeting to review the timeline with hospital management and address important benchmarks in the implementation. Throughout the whole process, RCA communicates completed and upcoming benchmarks.

RCA will work with the hospital IT team to ensure access to the hospital system and test file transfers. Our propriety software, SECURE, will work to ensure that our electronic screening, reporting, file transfers, and reconciliations are seamlessly integrated. RCA has streamlined our implementation process to allow us to begin taking inventory almost immediately after a testing phase.

Additionally, the RCA management team will manage all areas of transition, including recruiting and training of new employees, coordinating the transfer of current RCA employees, securing necessary office equipment/supplies and organizing any required orientation for employees at the hospital.


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