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At Resource Corporation we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the landscape of healthcare and the revenue cycle, and that you need a vendor who can adjust to any situation and respond accordingly.  As a trusted partner, our aim is to relieve the stress that this pandemic has caused and provide services to alleviate the burden that many of your employees may be feeling.  Partnering with RCA allows you to gain full-time employees with cost tied to performance.  RCA is committed to providing value added services for your revenue cycle to protect your at-risk dollars, including the following. 

Primary and Secondary Eligibility:

Whether you are looking for a primary or secondary eligibility company, RCA is prepared to handle all of your needs.  We often see reimbursement opportunities missed because of inconsistent screening processes, overworked staff, overlooked details and no consistent follow-up through final payment. RCA approaches secondary eligibility with the same proven and detailed processes that we utilize when providing primary eligibility services, resulting in the greatest recovery of at-risk dollars for your facility.

Profit Pal (Eligibility Scanning):

Compatible with all IT Systems, our ongoing Eligibility Scan program is a batch filing system you can use to identify Medicaid, Medicare and commercial Insurance eligible patients and recover any missed payments. In addition, ProfitPal™ can search continuously on accounts that are past their timely filing deadlines up to 3 years after the Date of Service.

Third Party Liability:

RCA screens for all eligible benefits including PIP/Med Pay, UIM, subpoena and affidavits, and lien filing and follow-up.  Subpoenas and affidavits for medical records can be cumbersome and take your employee’s focus away from their day to day responsibilities.  We can alleviate that burden by working with the attorneys and processing those medical record requests for you.

Financial Counseling:

Focused on immediate contact with the patient to ensure timely upfront collections, RCA prides itself on customizing our Financial Counseling services to your needs. You set the collection goals and minimum upfront payment options and we ensure they are met.

In addition to upfront collections, RCA can also compliment your  Pre-Service process by assisting with any self-pay patients with scheduled appointments and/or procedures. Once referred, our staff will initiate contact for screening and then work the account through the entire workflow process to ensure applications are approved or payment arrangements made prior to services being completed.

Denial Management:

RCA can review denied payment accounts to determine if any appeal opportunity exists. Claims that are not able to be appealed will be returned promptly with a reason for nonpayment. Claims that are appealed will be rigorously monitored and there will be continuous follow up to ensure payment is received or all appeals have been exhausted.

Coordination of Benefits:

RCA has a vested interest in accounts that are denied benefits because other coverage may exist. Our rigorous follow-up methods compliment prior COB efforts from the facility and allow us to work those accounts and obtain the information needed to reevaluate the claim for processing.

 These are just a few of our value added services to assist your employees in a time where outsourcing may be the most beneficial addition to your revenue cycle.  Our mission is to provide reimbursement solutions for at-risk dollars while providing healthcare partners with measurable, timely and superior results.  We would love the opportunity to partner with you.


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