RCA’s Onsite Methodology

Healthcare is still relationship driven and patient experience has become an important factor in the care of people.  The definition of patient experience as defined by Wikipedia describes an individual’s experience of illness/injury and how healthcare treats them.  Increasing focus on patient experience is part of a move toward today’s patient-centered care.  This includes the range of interactions that patients have with the health care system.  Much of what we do today is technology based, and while there is still room for technology in healthcare, ultimately  we are working with people.

Psychological therapy

People who are not feeling well, who are getting bad news about their health, and who have family that are worried about their well-being.  Technology has a place in healthcare, but when you are working with people—they still want the personal touch.  They still need a positive patient experience.  Each partner that works within hospitals should have the same goal for your patient.

How can you keep the personal touch in healthcare?  The word is embedded in the title of our profession: CARE.  This is one of the biggest reasons why RCA has taken a different approach to eligibility.  A personal approach that demonstrates to the patient that we care.  While onsite, RCA takes the time to visit with the patient face to face.  Our employees are trained on communicating caring in a patient room.

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While in house, we visit with the patient daily.  Some patients do not get visitors, so we ensure that each of our patients see a friendly face on a daily basis.  We are not there to talk business each day.  Some days we are there to see how they are doing and if we can do anything for them.  It is the relationship building while the patient is in house, that helps us stay connected when they are discharged.

When you are looking for a partner for third party eligibility, make sure you are looking for a partner who cares for your community and your patient.  That is going to be the best decision you can make.


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