RCA is a Leader in the Third Party Eligibility and Third Party Liens Industry, but we did not get there by chance.  It starts by going above and beyond and thinking outside of the box when it comes to the traditional eligibility process. Below are just a few things we offer that allows us to deliver next level service.

Skip Tracing

For patients RCA has been unable to make contact with due to unreachable telephone numbers and/or returned or unanswered mail, staff will send the patient’s information through a skip tracing system that searches for new information. Utilizing one of the largest data linking technologies, RCA’s skip traces produce the most reliable and accurate right party contact information for patients.

Field Visits

RCA regularly conducts home, institutional and other field visits to ensure the eligibility and follow-up process is completely successful. Patient accounts that are non-responsive, high dollar or need extra attention will be scheduled for a field visit to ensure every effort is made on the account.

Transportation Services

Lack of transportation is seen as one of the largest obstacles in patient compliance. For patients who need assistance in attending agency appointments, consultative exams or disability hearings, RCA will provide local transportation, via taxi or rideshare services, at no cost to the patient or hospital.

Document procurement

Another challenge we see in patient compliance is the lack of proper documentation to allow for applications to be processed. For patients missing crucial documents such as birth certificates, identification cards or Social Security cards, RCA will assist the patient in obtaining these documents, at no cost to the patient or hospital.

RCA Patient Portal (Mobile App)

RCA developed a HIPAA compliant patient portal as an additional tool for patients to quickly and securely submit their personal documents, receive notifications and stay updated on their application status. Increasing compliance and reducing the time to receive needed documentation allows for faster approvals which in turn leads to quicker reimbursements to our hospital clients.

Patient Self-Screening Portal

Remaining relevant in today’s technology driven world, RCA created a Patient Quick Screen link on our website where patients can securely enter information pertaining to their potential eligibility for assistance programs. Once completed, this self-screening is directly uploaded into the patient’s account in RCA’s SECURE database for staff to review and determine next steps.