With over 30 years of experience, RCA has become the go to Self-Pay Eligibility partner for many hospital organizations. Our expertise is unmatched and our commitment to provide the best service in the industry remains true today just as it did the day we were founded.

Over the years, we have developed processes and relationships that have helped our client partners reduce their A/R days. One of the ways we do this is by collaborating with the system’s case management department to develop solutions in order to get their patients out the door while still providing them with the best care and attention possible. When it is deemed necessary for a patient to require outside placement or receive additional care once they leave the hospital, case management reaches out to RCA and requests that we assist these patients by reviewing all Medicaid and SSI/SSDI solutions.

We are truly compassionate and want the very best for our client partners and their patients. Below are a few things that we do to maintain strong trusting relationships with case management and their patients that set us apart from our competitors.


We maintain strong relationships with Medicaid and Social Security offices and meet on a routine basis to address any questions, concerns, or changes to programs. These relationships allow us to communicate directly to individual personnel rather than going through a call center, resulting in quicker application processing times and better communication.


RCA stays up to date on all state and federal programs to ensure we are at the forefront of changes in the industry. We routinely meet with case management to discuss our processes, provide education and share updates, allowing us to best fit the needs of our patients and client partners.

Daily Follow Up
RCA monitor’s all Inpatient accounts daily, allowing us to monitor their condition, obtain documents, meet with patients and their families and acquire any new updates that may affect their ability to be discharged.  We provide updates to case management with any updates regarding their application statuses that may be useful during the discharge planning process.

Proper Communication

Once we receive a referral from hospital case management, we immediately attempt to screen a patient (or their family members) to determine their eligibility for a program of assistance. Once a determination is made, we update the hospital EHR and case management. In addition to our initial screening outcomes, we communicate with case management about documents that we need assistance in obtaining from a patient or their family in order for their application to be processed.

Discharge Planning

The moment an agency determination is obtained, it is communicated to case management so that they can work on getting that patient discharged.  These daily updates on a patient’s case allows case management to make changes to a plan of action for quicker discharge.

These are just a few ways that RCA’s collaboration with Case Management and state/federal agencies allows for quicker application processing times, ensuring more timely patient discharges and ultimately reducing A/R days. At RCA, we strive to stay in front of changes and forging long-lasting relationships with our partners.