RCA the Better Eligibility Company

For over 25 years, the stability of being privately owned has afforded us the ability to go above and beyond for our client partners to achieve superior results. Our proven track record outperforms competitors and can be customized to fit the needs of hospitals of all sizes types and ownership structures from the rural 25 bed facilities to Level 1 Trauma facilities in major metropolitan areas.

With a consistent conversion rate of over 91%, RCA is dedicated to providing exceptional, professional service based upon our competitive attributes of communication, technology and adaptability that are unmatched in the industry.

RCA – A “Better Eligibility Company”

In being a “better eligibility company,” we believe there is not just one thing that we do well that makes the difference in our performance results. Our results are produced by doing everything better than our competitors. There are, however, several definitive attributes we believe add value and set RCA far apart from our competitors.

High Conversion Rates

With client hospitals in 23 states, RCA currently manages over $50 billion dollars in hospital Accounts Receivables. We have assisted over one million patients receive assistance and as a company, we average an overall 93% net conversion rate.

Management Tenure

RCA adopts the theory of studies showing that to master a complex skill, it takes anywhere from 10,000 – 50,000 hours of deliberate practice. With average management tenure of more than 19 years, RCA has over 200,000 combined hours of experience that your hospital would inherit to assist with revenue cycle solutions.


Part of RCA’s dedication to building relationships stems from constant communication. In addition to scheduled management meetings to discuss performance, our clients are always impressed with the frequency of interaction with our management team and the speed in which their requests are completed. In addition, RCA representatives will also attend daily/weekly case management/high dollar or self pay meetings to report up-to-date information and to assist in discharge planning.

Private Ownership

Remaining a closely held, Texas-based, privately owned and operated company with no venture capital investors allows us to adapt and transform based on the individual client partner needs. We have never participated in any merger or acquisition and intend to remain on this path of organic growth that has proven successful for more than two decades.

You may have these services but are you really happy with these services? If you ask that question, it may be time to see what more is out there! We would love to show you!


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